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Quality guarantee for pre-packed bulbs

We are a member of the ‘Quality Mark Foundation Flowerbulbs Holland.’ Together with 10 other companies in our industry we have an considerable market share in pre-packed flowerbulbs. Underneath you can read more about the quality guarantee and how it works in practice.

Both during and after the production process independent specialists rigorously monitor the flower bulbs at participating exporters, focusing on a number of details, including the bulbs’ health, quality, type, colour and size. From arrival checks to random samples of the packaged lots, all flower bulbs must meet the strict guidelines in order to be sold.

Quality regulation

Exporters associated with the Flower Bulbs Quality Mark Foundation Holland undertake to meet the strictest quality requirements. Failure to do so means they may incur heavy penalties and even be struck off the members list.

Consumers with a complaint can follow the complaints procedure detailed on the packaging of the Quality Mark flower bulbs. The consumer can send the complaint together with the packaging to the Flower Bulbs Quality Mark Foundation Secretariat. This Secretariat ensures that the complaint is handled quickly and adequately by the supplier, who may decide to provide a refund or a replacement product. If the complaint is unjustified, it will also be detailed accurately.


More about the quality mark for flower bulbs can be read at www.guaranteedflowerbulbs.com

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Pre-packed Bulbs