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Spring Flowering

Flower bulbs, such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses and many other species, that are planted in the fall and bloom in spring.


Our focus is directed toward the organized retail. We offer a wide range of packaging, not just the well-known cappers but also tubes, carton boxes, blisters etc. We sell these bulbs under the relevant brand name ‘Sleeping Beauties’. It is also possible to pack our bulbs among your brand packaging with the same Quality Mark-guarantee.


The delivery of these bulbs is available from mid-August except for the species that come later available. The best selling time varies by country: from early September in Scandinavia and Western Europe from about September 20th in warmer countries. It is advisable to sell flower bulbs not after mid-November because of the shooting and / or drying out of the sprouts.

All assortments are available in both boxes as in display racks. In the pictures you can see a number of our concepts.

The catalogue for Autumn 2024 is available and can be send at request.

Bulbs in capper package

Tulip collection in capper package

Bulb mixes

XXL Tulips 14/+ and double flowering daffodils

Tulip collections in paper bags

Pre-planted bulbs in a deco pot

Color collections in jute bags

Wooden terrace pot with bulbs