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Summer Flowering Bulbs

Summer-flowering bulbs are dahlias, lilies, gladioli, begonias and many other species, often with a subtropical area of origin, as sparaxis, African corn, freesia, eucomis etc. Also, perennials are among our range, at least those species which are able to flower in the first summer after planting.


Summer flowering bulbs are more sensitive to the proper conditions in the garden: drought or late planting but also late frosts may frustrate the growth and flowering. However, the variety is huge with many flower shapes, colours and long flowering types like e.g. dahlias and cannas.


The delivery of these group of bulbs runs from early January. This will be especially for southern and frost-free climates. For countries with an Atlantic climate, it is advisable to start the sale after mid-February or later for countries where there is still a real winter. The maximum sales period should not be too long to prevent dehydration and sprouting of shoots. A maximum sales period of four weeks is recommended and a not too warm place.


All assortments are available in both boxes as in display racks. In the pictures you can see a number of our concepts.


The catalogue for Spring 2025 is available and can be send at request.

Bulbs in capper package

Value packs in a capper package

Collection bulb / perennial plants in a tube

Perennial Collection Giant lilies

Collections on color capper packing

Bulbs / perennial plants in paper bags

Collections of color in colored bucket or wicker basket

Perennials in blister

Perennial collection

Vegetable / fruit plants in capper packing