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Bulbs for indoor use is a growing market, because these products are very suitable as a gift article. We think especially of amaryllis, Paperwhite narcissus and hyacinths. Because we also have in our company potted bulb production, we know exactly how to prepare these bulbs to get them in the best condition among consumers.


Also important is the turnaround in the store. If products are sold in 1 to 2 weeks, it is always good. A longer selling time in a warmer environment requires a good planning to prevent the bulbs going sprouting in the store.


Our product range includes a range of packages, simple and luxurious for the gift segment.

All assortments are available in both boxes as in display racks. In the pictures you can see a number of our concepts.


The catalogue for Autumn 2024 is available and can be send at request.

Amaryllis and Paperwhite narcissus in a paper bag

Display rack Amaryllis and Paperwhites in a paper bag

Hyacinths and Paperwhite narcissus in a cylinder glass

Amaryllis in a gift box