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MPS-GAP certificated

Since November 2019, we have been MPS-GAP and GRASP certified for both our packaged flower bulbs and the flower bulbs in pot production. This certificate is aimed at reducing the use of, for example, disinfectants, safety, energy efficiency and the processing and separation of waste. The social aspects of personnel have been incorporated in the GRASP module. With this certificate, we are also obliged to purchase a large part of our flower bulbs from MPS-certified bulb growers.

More about the MPS can be read at www.my-mps.com

More and more pots of PCR material, plastic trays are being reused

Since a few years a significant part of our plastic pots are made from Post Consumer Recycle material, or reuse of household waste. The plastic trays in which the pots are delivered to our customers are in most cases collected by these customers and returned to their producers who reuse them for their production. This creates a virtually closed system. There are also organic paper trays on the market. We are currently investigating the possibilities of this, but it seems that on balance plastic trays have a lower ‘footprint’.

Disinfection of bulbs

Until last year, most of our flower bulbs were disinfected to prevent diseases and fungi after planting them in pots. These disinfectants are all legally permitted. Last year we took a critical look at this and, in consultation with our advisor, decided to limit disinfection to narcissi only. The other bulbs are no longer disinfected before planting. In order to prevent more loss of bulbs as a result, we have to carefully examine the flower bulbs we purchase.

Waste separation

Of course, we separate al our waste, including organic waste, wood, paper / cardboard and residual waste. These are all removed in separate waste streams.


Potted bulbs

Pre-packed Bulbs