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Natural Grown / Outdoor

We have always favoured flower bulbs for outdoor planting (garden, terrace, balcony). These days, many consumers do not have enough patience to plant bulbs in the fall and wait for 6 months to see them flower. However, in Spring people like to see colours in their gardens. Moreover, we think that most flowers grow and look so much better outside. The crop remains shorter, the colours are more intense, and the flowering period is longer. A bowl of daffodils, hyacinths or grape hyacinths which is placed outside in early spring (February/March), can flower for as long 6 weeks!


Last seasons, we have introduced some new outdoor concepts called ‘Naturally Grown’.


‘Naturally Grown’ means:

• Bulbs will be not disinfected by us, which means that we have to ensure we purchase high

quality bulbs

• Flowers growing outside, have more natural colours and they remain shorter

New are the 19 and 25 pots with mixed planted bulbs. They can be produced at order.

You can find our complete assortment at Floriday.

The catalogue for the season 2022/2023 can be send at request by e-mail from August 1. From Mid October the paper version is also available.


Bulbs for outdoor growing (terrace, balcony or garden)

Decorative terrace pot NATURAL GROWN

Exclusive daffodils in a 23 cm bowl

19 cm Campana pot with mixed planted bulbs